Seven Outer Senses and Seven Inner Senses?

The seven outer senses enable us to look to outer space at creation.
The seven inner senses enable us to look to inner space at the creator.

We are familiar with the operation of some of the outward-facing senses more than others? Does our experience show that when we are looking inward there are a different set of inner senses and inner sense doors operating? The following is an attempt to explore the operation of both inner and outer senses.

The diagram below is a model of the senses – physical sense doors and the mind counterparts:


Propiception (or ‘proprioception’) is the sense that enables you to know where you are and is not the same as the sense of balance.


The above diagram can operate on very different scales – large scale, moment-to-moment – and shows creation depending upon two processes.

The clockwise process arises as a result of will to be at either the universal or the individual level. The anticlockwise process arises from the inherent tendency of passing away to be followed by arising (persistence/replication) and hence organisation. This can be considered as Mind.

The third element necessary to prevent a mechanical universe is randomicity. The interactions of the first two processes in themselves can generate unpredictable results at the smaller end of the scale. An example would be genetic mutation. Also the play between each individually created universe/ person and every other ‘oneness’ produces randomicity.

Weakening the links in the chain of causation and maximising oneness/ uniqueness i.e. turning away from will and ignorance to unity increases randomicity.This is what is more mundanely thought of as decreasing identification. Why is the mind 7-based?

We may consider the All as the totality of impressions and the One – the universe /individual as the processor of them.

External impressions are derived in a process able form from the body. An individual body itself is selective according to its type and the maturity of its sense organs. They are processed by mindbase. The interaction of mind and body sets up an intermediary processor me /ego which increase selectivity.

Internal impressions are derived from the initial clockwise process which is used to set up the means of comparison (mindbase). Once formed, it is both maintained by and is selective (on the basis of its own structure) towards new impressions it receives.

We can see that impressions, both external and internal, are used to construct processors which in turn modify and select future impressions. Mindbase and ego feedback to body and modify it (see the way your face reflects your experience). Mind enables the experience of time/space and deeper to be organised.

Looking either outwards to the creation (material elements) or inwards to the creator (primordial elements) increases the range of impressions received which alter the established processors. Body and psyche can be changed through the agency of the ego and mindbase processors i.e. they in turn become a source of impressions.


Why observe? Observation opens up input from the outer world.

Why meditate? Meditation opens up the mind door.
Both provide food for growth and change.


The origin of form is 7-fold: ●  ●  ●   ●●  ●●  ●●   ●●●
Why is mind 7-based?